Saturday, 16 November 2013

Elizabeth Warren For President?

Although Barack Obama has a few years more yet to serve as President, the focus is switching to who is going to replace him and Hillary Clinton has been mentioned quite a bit lately as the Democrat candidate but she isn't the only female being touted for the post, step forward Elizabeth Warren.
Apart from her name being mentioned in a few left wing newspapers as a potential candidate, she is a relative unknown but from first glance she has some tough things to say about Wall Street which is chiming quite well with disenchanted voters who have watched the bankers get richer while they fight to keep afloat.
A repeated theme from the Warren pulpit is that politicians have to get back to running the country for the benefit of Americans and not for its financial institutions and throwing a jab at recent Presidents for doing little in that direction.
Although she hasn't come out and admitted it, she is apparently mulling over challenging for the Democrat nomination in the 2016 election, a move which has been described as both Hillary Clinton's and Wall Streets nightmare. 
There may be some skeletons in her closet yet to be dragged out when her star begins to rise and it isn't to easy to find much about her views on other policies but she may be one to come back to at some point in the future if a scandal or a meltdown doesn't derail her progress between now and then.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest banks in america are managed by people that support the democrats. Bank profits may be trimmed, but the bankers will continue to get rich