Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cone Head

Glasgow City Council are considering spending £65,000 elevating a statue of the Duke of Wellington to stop students continually putting a traffic cone on the Dukes head because it is costing them £100 each time to remove it.
Just an idea but why not get a street cleaner who is in the area to knock it off with his broom?
Another idea, why not tell the private company you hire and who charge you £100 a time to remove the cone to shove their bill up their backside because they are ripping you and the Scottish people off.
Scotland has high unemployment, you could pay an unemployed person with a ladder £20,000 per year and make it his sole job to remove the cone and still make a massive saving. 
Alternatively, just leave the cone there and it won't cost you anything.
Blimey, and you people want independence?

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