Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tories Spruce Up Website

The Conservatives have attempted to hide 10 years of speeches from their website it has emerged.
All speeches, news stories, press releases and blogs dating back to 2000 until the party came to power in May 2010 have been hidden from public view on the Conservative Party website.
It means those using the search engine to try to find the speeches on the Conservative Party website would simply get no results.
The cynics will say it is a Tory party attempt to hide pledges made ahead of the 2010 election with the 2015 vote looming so to prove it to myself i went to the Tories bit of the web and entered 'Which page will show me that the Tories are not just a bunch of rich-boys looking after their own and selling off the profitable bits of the country to their friends?'   
I got an error message saying 'Page Not Found' which pretty much sums them up really.

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