Friday, 8 November 2013

Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song

Between making a record as a surprise for his mum in 1953 and eating himself to death in 1977, Elvis recorded a staggering 711 songs so the ITV show, The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song, has a rich seam to mine but somehow they seem to have narrowed it down to 20.
All the big ones are there including the one which i would choose as my favourite Elvis song, (Marie's The Name of) His Latest Flame.
ITV seem to have been a bit slow on following up 'The Nation's Favourite Abba Song' a few years back, won by 'The Winner Takes It All', usually the TV companies get an idea and flog it to death but Elvis was the obvious choice because it seems mandatory that if you are over 50, you are an Elvis fan.
He did have a great voice and he was an extremely handsome man and he also had some great songs and more than a few stinkers, Teddy Bear and Old Shep are particularly cringy.
The smart money seems to be on either Heartbreak Hotel or Love Me Tender topping the TV poll but i hope it goes to a toe tapper from his early days and not a ballad from his jump suit wearing Las Vegas days, he deserves to be remembered as the good looking, hip swaying rocker instead of the bloated chocolate bar frying mess he became.

update: Always On My Mind is the nation's favourite Elvis song


Anonymous said...

my uncle was the head of the DEA in Memphis when Elvis died. Elvis apparently loved police work and occasionally went in the field with DEA. the night he died my uncle was on the scene. Elvis overdosed and asphyxiated (sp?) on his own vomit. he was wearing DEA sweat pants and sweat shirt...


Lucy said...

Was it in the toilet?