Thursday, 28 November 2013

Menacing Clowns In Norfolk

Finally, after all these years of writing blog posts, i get to use my joke. The joke i made about 1987 and have never had an opportunity to use again, until now. But first the story.

Something weird is going on in Norfolk and if you have ever been to Norfolk you would know just how weird something has to be to come under the heading of weird in Norfolk.
Norfolk police have been receiving reports of numerous clown sighting in King's Lynn, men wearing a 'full clown outfit with a red suit and red hair'.
They are now receiving further reports from alarmed members of the public reporting two clowns near a skate park in the town.
It follows recent reports in Northampton of people being freaked by clowns holding balloons watching them.
Superintendent Carl Edwards of the Norfolk Constabulary said although nobody had been injured or assaulted and it isn't against the law to dress up as a clown, officers would patrol areas where the reports had been made and, if they found any clowns, they would 'offer them strong words of advice. His guidance to the public is 'to give no reaction because that's what they are after'.
No mention of not accepting balloons from a clown behind a drain or sniffing flowers pinned on buttonholes but joking aside, this is just the start of the much anticipated evil Circus takeover.

And now the joke:
First it is clowns and then before you know it we will be menaced by trapeze artists, plate-spinners, tumblers, fire-breathers and strongmen ripping telephone directories with impunity.  The only way to be sure is to kill the whole circus. We must go for the juggler!!
Yes, it was worth the wait.


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