Sunday, 17 November 2013

Solar Flip Coming

Run for hills, man the lifeboats and stockpile tins of food because the Sun is about to flip it's magnetic poles!!
Blimey, sounds bad but NASA have to go and ruin a perfectly good 'WE'RE ALL DOOMED' story with the less than alarming facts that the pole reversal is a slow, gradual process that has already begun.
The Director of NASA said: 'This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system leading to  some turbulent space weather' .
So death and destruction of all life on the planet then? Nope, a cool northern lights show.
Apparently the Sun’s flips its magnetic poles on average every 11 years and is a regular part of the solar cycle meaning most of us have already lived through at least one of them previously.
The last time a magnetic flip of this sort occurred was in February of 2001. During that time, nothing really happened that can be directly contributed to the solar pole shift. Scientists are expecting much of the same from this shift.
It seems that it is highly probable that the solar magnetic flip will come and go with us hardly noticing but there is a chance that it may have an adverse effect on TV satellites but 'WE MAY MISS X-FACTOR FINAL' doesn't really have the same ring to it.


Cheezy said...

If you're expecting the Sun's poles to flip in just the way that NASA says they will, then you may be in for a shock, Lucy...

Cos didn't you get the memo? - we're not supposed to listen to actual scientists or other so-called 'experts' or 'specialists' when they talk about astronomy, astro-physics, meteorology, climatology, or evolutionary biology.

That's because it's actually insurance brokers, drain layers, shoe salesmen, taxi drivers, people who listen to talk-radio too much and conservative politicians who hold the real knowledge in these areas.

Anonymous said...


too bad, it can't be used for another crazy far left excuse to redistribute wealth and make everybody “equal”. Wait, data and logic don’t matter Lucy!! You are free to run wild with it!!! Go girl Go!!!


lucy said...

very true cheezy and luckily they are not shy of telling us.

i'm sure we could come up with something q.

Cheezy said...

Quite so.

Right, I'd better be off now. I need to get a car insurance quote from my local paleontologist.