Friday, 8 November 2013

Brilliantly Loopy Castro Plan

I heard something today that was so fantastically loopy that i thought it had to be made up but it turns out it's completely true and as brilliantly mad as it first sounded.
Major General Edward Geary Lansdale worked at the Office of the Secretary of Defence just as the Americans were trying to dislodge Fidel Castro from his seat as Cuban El Presidente.
Lansdale came up with this ingenious wheeze, make Castro believe God was going to get him.
The plan consisted of spreading the word that the Second Coming of Christ was imminent and that Castro was the anti-Christ.
An American submarine off the Cuban coast would send up flares and project images of Jesus Christ onto low-lying clouds while a crew of a U.S. military plane, camouflaged by the clouds and with its engine significantly muffled, using powerful loudspeakers would 'speak' to the people of Cuba, ordering them to overthrow their government and renounce Communism.
The Cubans would believe that Jesus Christ himself was calling and in religious fervour and terror, would boot out Castro and welcome the Americans and Capitalism with open arms.
Disappointingly the US military decided against following up the Major's plan and decided to carry on with the exploding cigars ploy instead but don't you wish they had given it a go.

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