Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lose Weight, Eat Chocolate

The idea of losing weight is to take in less calories then you expend during activities so if you eat or drink 3000 calories a day but only use 2000, that's a dress size up after a few weeks.      
That's how diets works and a week of eating celery and chicken soup and leaving the Mars Bars and doughnuts on the Supermarket shelf but thankfully science has stepped up to say that is wrong, and it should be those big bars of Aero going through the checkout.
Spanish researchers have discovered that chocolate appears to make the metabolism work harder, offsetting the fat that otherwise might hang. They also found chocolate had a positive effect on circulation, blood pressure and heart health.
Apparently, flavonoids in cocoa beans act as antioxidants so the higher the cocoa content, as in dark chocolate, the more flavonoids and the greater the health benefits.
So if anyone asks, you are not stuffing your face with chocolate, you are undertaking a scientifically endorsed diet program.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but chocolate without surgar and fat doesnt taste good


Lucy said...

I took it as meaning any chocolate, sugar and fat included. No idea what a flavonoid is but i'm willing to believe the science on this one.

Cheezy said...

Savoury is more my issue. I'd ask what 'science' has got to say about butter chicken, fish & chips, roast lamb, cheeseburgers and meat pies... but, unfortunately, I think I already know the answer...