Saturday, 30 November 2013

Another Government Rip-Off

The energy cost increase fiasco is a story that refuses to go away and the Conservatives have ignited it again with the plans to cut green taxes paid by the utility companies and refund of £12 for every account. 
I don't think the government really get what the anger is about, the massive profits made by these companies while raising the bills for everyone.
The Green taxes pay for insulation and energy improvements in the poorest homes cuts so it brings down their energy bills so by cutting green taxes it not only hurts the poorest but increases the profits of the utility companies even further.
The £12 rebate per account, £300 million in total, is coming from the Government, therefore out of our taxes so both of these measures will not touch a penny of the indecent amounts these companies are making.
The nasty party are trying to spin it as a win for the customers but in reality this isn't costing the utility companies a penny, they don't have to pay so much to to insulate homes anymore, but it is costing the country £300m and the recent above inflation price hikes stand.
If the Government think that giving us back £12 of our money is going to stem the outcry when the average utility bill is £1250 and companies are raking in 20% more profit than last year, then they have an almighty shock coming.

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Keep Life Simple said...

they could partner with our postal service and break even...