Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Santa's Back And He's Armed

Here at the ScottsDale Gun Club we believe Christmas is a time for family, childrens laughter and grinning inanely as you stand behind Santa holding a huge weapon.
Yes, Santa is making a special trip 15 December to the Scottsdale Gun Club this year so you and your family can be photographed surrounded by enough weaponry to start a small war.
Nothing says peace and goodwill to all men quite like an AK47, the gun baby  Jesus himself would ask for.
So come on down to Scottsdale Gun Club on Northsight Boulevard to visit old Santa and put the fun back into fundamentalist Christian and receive a free fingerprinting kit for your kids.

Scottsdale Gun Club, making it easier for Americans to blow big holes in each other since 2004.    


Cheezy said...

Let's all put any political differences we may have over this general ussue and simply agree that this was an extremely amusing post! 'Fun back into fundamentalist'! Big LOLs over here :)

Lucy said...

It was the free fingerprinting kit i liked the most. That and Santa surrounded by machine guns held by people with manic grins on their faces.

Nog said...

Surely this poster must have been intended as a joke. If not, it's still funny.

Lucy said...

I know this gun club did the same 'Santa and guns photo' thing last year and hot diggity they are doing it again this year so i don't think it's a joke. There are some big guns on show though and she looks crazy.