Saturday, 23 February 2019

Church Of England Not Coming To The Rescue

So the saying almost goes, give a starving man a fish and he will have a meal, show a starving man how to fish and he will have a meal everyday but tell him to pray for a fish and he will die of hunger waiting for a fish so religion is not a very good plan for anyone hungry.
It is also not the best thing if you are poor but don't fear because the Church of England are on the case and they are worrying what effect Brexit will have on the most vulnerable.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has told the Church of England’s General Synod that the Church cannot ignore the warnings about the possible profound impact that the next months may possibly have on the poorest of our society.
With the Church’s property portfolio and investments means that it is sitting on wealth of £8.3bn, which last year alone increased by £400m, i wonder what the Church is planning.
Funding more food banks? Financial handouts? Opening up their Churches for the homeless? Building drop in centres with free meals?
In their wisdom they have decided that the best way to address the forthcoming pain and financial insecurity is to pray for five days.
Unless they are asking for God to send down McDonald vouchers, i wouldn't hold my breath that the big man in the sky will be helping so as you were, huddled in draughty doorways with empty stomachs in the knowledge that you are being mentioned in five days worth of prayers to the guy who almost killed every living person on Earth with a massive flood. Thanks.

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