Sunday, 17 February 2019

Obliged To Fix What We Broke In Middle East

Happily, the Islamic State caliphate has been reduced to a nub and many of the combatants have been either killed or driven out of Syria and Iraq but are we really foolish enough to announce 'mission accomplished' once again and withdraw? 
Seems we really are with politicians declaring victory against the group in Syria and getting ready to withdraw which is exactly what we did in Iraq against Al Queada who Islamic State derived from.
Islamic State is an ideology and although the suicide bombings, kidnappings, torture and other atrocities may have reduced, the IS supporters still number in the tens of thousands and are scattered around the globe as we have seen with devastating consequences.
Within a few years of us rubbing the sand from our boots and saying job done in Iraq, Al Queada had reassembled, gave itself a new name and was bringing terror and violence to the country and neighbouring Syria.
Pulling out will leave a vacuum and Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, told Parliament just last week that the fleeing Islamic State fighters were establishing new footholds in parts of Iraq which is terrible news for the communities in that area which have had a decade and a half of terror visited upon it.
I don't know the answer but the road from Islamic State leads straight to the doors of the appalling American and British actions in 2003 so as we broke it we are obliged to fix it and not just clear off and leave the Iraqi's and Syrians to their fate with an enemy that we can only temporarily defeat militarily.

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