Saturday, 16 February 2019

Make America Not fit It's Trousers Again

There are many things that you could throw at Donald Trump and now obese has joined the growing list as the results of his physical were quietly released on Thursday, and it has revealed that he weighs 243lb with a Body Mass Index over 30 which makes him officially a lardbucket (medical term).
I'm not medically trained but i would hazard a guess it's down to him binging on fast food and drinking up to a dozen Cokes a day as to why he looks like a human shaped wad of cholesterol which has come to life to wreak havoc on his nation.
As we looked at in an earlier post, 243lb Trump is only the third fattest president ever, Grover Cleveland at 280lb and the 340lb pound William Taft beat him and Taft was so large he once got stuck in the presidential bathtub.
Trump called Alicia Machado, the winner of the 1996 Miss Universe pageant, 'Miss Piggy' because she had gained weight so he is no stranger to fat shaming so with another two years of his Presidency to run (could even be six), Trump could yet catch up with Cleveland or have a massive coronary trying which is more likely as anyone who has seen those golfing pictures can see that 243lb seems a bit on the optimistic side.
Anyway, 'Making America not fit into its trousers again' may not be as catchy as the other saying but i hope Trump continues his unhealthy diet because either his waistline continues to expand to Taft proportions or his arteries decide they have had enough and pack up, it is an achievement i am backing him for, larger bathtub notwithstanding. Go Trump!!

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