Saturday, 9 February 2019

Venezuelan Protesters Good: French Protesters Bad

Funny how protesters against the elected Government in France are condemned while the ones protesting against the elected Government in Venezuela are backed but defending democracy worldwide is a messy and complicated business.
While France is a lovely nation with many amazing buildings and monuments it isn't sat on an ocean of oil which Venezuela is and that's where it gets suddenly far less complicated.
Led by the US Government cheerleading for regime-change in Venezuela, the call now is for an 'orderly transition' from the Presidency of Nicolas Maduro to a new US friendly government led by Juan Guaido.
US Vice-President Mike Pence has made an appeal to Venezuelans to come out onto the streets to protest against the Government but not so much support for the French citizens protesting against their Government.
The USA has tried to oust the democratically elected government of Venezuela ever since Hugo Chavez was first elected president in 1998. Four years later, the brief coup against Chavez in April 2002 had Washington's fingerprints all over it although that backfired spectacularly and only made Chavez more popular.
The problem America had with Chavez was that he nationalised the Oil and used the money to fund a regime of change in Venezuela rather than the profits go into the oil companies bank accounts so the truth is, this is nothing about democracy just as it wasn't in Iraq or Libya despite the lies that it was.
It is all about America trying to control and make vast profits from the natural resources of Venezuela, the largest oil reserves in the world, and Trump and his Government wants those to be taken over by American companies which is exactly what Juan Guaido has said he would allow if he becomes President.
US President Donald Trump throwing his support behind Guaido and calling on Maduro to step down is in order to gain access to Venezuela’s vast natural resources for American companies which means short of the French protesters discovering oil beneath the Champs-Élysées, they are on their own.

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