Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Welcome To The Independent Group

Exciting times in British politics as the Labour and Conservative Party shed members to a new, young and sexy political party.
Three Conservative MPs have now teamed up with eight Labour MPs in the new anti-Brexit Independent Group who are placing themselves in the center between a Labour Party which has tipped too far left and a Conservative Party who have moved too far right.
I like Jeremy Corbyn, i find his left wing policies chime very much with my own views but he has been a massive disappointment in his Brexit dealings and actually seeming to want it to happen where as many Labour supporters are calling for him to denounce it or at the very least call for a second referendum so we can knock it out once and for all. 
The anti-semitism i don't really buy, anti-Israel certainly but that has been conflated into anti-Jewish and is in the Tories interests to keep that particular pot bubbling to detract from their own anti-Islamic hysteria.
The invite has been handed out for Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives who are unhappy with their Parties direction to join the Independent Group but what they need now is for a big hitter to join.
Anna Soubry and Chuka Umanna are relatively big names but whether they have the clout to persuade those who feel 'politically homeless' to make the leap to a new, unestablished Party remains to be seen but nobody can say that 2019 has been boring in British politics.
With at least 48% of the population against Brexit, this could turn out to be a big moment in British politics and it's two party monopoly and i really hope it succeeds, they just need a big name to front it.

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