Saturday, 16 February 2019

Climate Change Hope Coming From Younger Generation

If blame is to be apportioned for Climate Change, then my generation along with my parents and grandparents should take the blame, especially as we knew what we were doing but carried on doing it anyway.
Across the country today, children left their school classes to protest against climate change which should lift the hearts of everyone that the coming generation are looking to do something about it even if the Prime Minister made a comment that the children should have stayed in school but that's why they did what they did, because people like Theresa May, the people actually in a position
to do something, have done nothing.
The next generation, those we will hand the running of the planet over to shortly, are looking at us and saying what we are bequeathing them is a poisoned, rubbish filled mess of a planet.
What i will say to our children is that some of us did try but we were met with shoulder shrugs by the uncaring and sometimes plain denial by the ignorant even as the flood waters rose around our ankles and selfishly considered a problem for their grandchildren to deal with. 
So sorry about the warming climate, extinctions, wildfires, droughts, heatwaves, floods, strengthened extreme weather and desertification but well done and thank you for being concerned about a problem that your older relations foisted onto you and hopefully you will have better luck forcing through government policies globally which can change the disastrous course we are set on.

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