Tuesday, 12 February 2019

You Want A Piece Of Us Moscow?

Before he got involved in politics the current UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, was a fireplace salesman until he was asked to leave after an affair with a colleague and became the managing director of a pottery firm and oversaw the commissioning of the firms Charles and Camilla wedding plate and somehow managed to get the date wrong so the bar wasn't set very high for his Government job.
I'm no military expert but a career in the hotbed of selling crockery isn't the usual place to gain the experience to run our armed forces but it's where Williamson somehow finds himself.
As the sole job of the armed forces is to fight wars with other nations, Williamson has set his sights high and is making threats against Russia and China which to anyone else would seem a very bad idea abut not to Gavin who said that Britain: 'Must be ready to use hard power against Moscow and Beijing'.
Maybe we can put it down to years of him inhaling varnish but Britain taking on the mights of China or Russia is a recipe for a great big steaming hole in the North Sea where Britain used to be but unperturbed Williamson said that this is a great moment for Britain to 'strengthen our global presence, enhance our lethality, and increase our mass'.
Maybe he should have stayed chasing salesgirls around the office and not moved into politics because he should be removed before he gets us all nuked and given a job more closer to his talents, something like polishing the brass plate outside the MOD building.

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