Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Not A Racist Says The Racist Liam Neeson

It's always the racist ones who insist that they are not racist before saying something blatantly racist so it is that we have Liam Neeson refusing to accept that he is one although he admitted going out of his way to try and kill a black man.
The actor said in an interview with the Independent, that he walked the streets with a weapon around 40 years ago, hoping to take out his anger on any black man, or black bastard as he called them, that he could provoke after someone close to him was raped by a black man.
'I was trying to show honour to my...to stand up for my dear friend in this terrible, medieval fashion but i'm not a racist," he said.
If roaming the streets trying to find a random, innocent person to kill based on the colour of their skin is not racist then i would love to know just what DOES constitute racism.
Hopefully career suicide will now shortly follow because i'm not sure people will be flocking to see the Irishman's films anymore.

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Anonymous said...

my annual check of your blog. no change.

this post is an example...

if someone admits their racism (the first step in change) you are unforgivably bitter (as if you have experienced racism and thus have a reason to be bitter).

On your blog I only see posts about white racists. do you think only whites can be racists? don't bother to retort. I won't be back for another year or so...