Friday, 15 February 2019

Let Shamima Back, Then Lock Her Up

It seems the thing to say about Shamima Begum who fled the UK to join the terror group in Syria after it was revealed she is heavily pregnant and wants to come back is that it's a difficult situation but i don't see whats difficult about it.
Let her back to the UK and as soon as she steps off the plane, arrest her.
Shamima Begumis is currently at a Syrian refugee camp where she admitted in an interview that she does not regret joining IS and described being unfazed at the sight of a severed head during her time with the group.
She was one of three schoolgirls, from Bethnal Green Academy in East London, who left the UK for Syria in February 2015 and her father has been in the media putting her actions down to a mistake and how she should be forgiven but voters in a SKY News Poll didn't agree with 76% thinking she should not be allowed back into the country.
I'd let her back in, mostly for the sake of the unborn child she is carrying, but i would have a policeman waiting to make sure that she doesn't just come back to her community and spread her poison.

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