Sunday, 10 February 2019

Darwin Not Rocking Anymore

A Primary school has been forced to axe a musical on evolution, called Darwin Rocks about the scientist Charles Darwin, over complaints that it mocked religion and its representation of Christian views on science 'wasn't accurate'.
As an all inclusive Blog, far be it for me to mock religion so maybe we should look closer at what those Christian views on science are so we start at the beginning with God creating the World and everything in it within six days approximately 6000 years ago.
On the sixth day, he rolled together some earth into the shape of a man and blew life into his nostrils after which he removed one of the man's ribs and created a woman.
Throwing them out of paradise after being fooled into eating forbidden fruit by a talking snake, they then began populating the Earth until Adam died aged 930.
So the Christian view is pretty simple, God made the Universe and us humans as we are today six days later and there is no room for evolution and for Charles Darwin to explain it.
Nope, can't see anything mock-worthy in that at all.

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