Saturday, 20 October 2018

700,000 Demonstrators Can't Be Wrong

Over 700,000 people marched on an anti-Brexit demonstration to say Brexit is a massive pigs ear while at the same time at the pro-Brexit demonstration, 1,200 deluded souls managed to drag themselves along so guess which way Theresa May and her Conservatives are going, yep 
once again the Government finds itself on the wrong side.
Something i hear a lot from the people who want to go full steam ahead with the mistake regardless of the wrecking ball it will swing through the economy is that the vote has been held so we should just suck it up and not demand another referendum as if had they not won the referendum they would have just shrugged and said 'Oh Well, that's democracy for you', they would have been waving their little Union Flag's even more frantically and screaming even louder about immigrants coming over here and taking all their jobs, clogging up the NHS and generally starting  each sentence with 'Im not a racist but...' before saying that sounds suspiciously racist.      
As i didn't vote Conservative it doesn't that mean all us Labour, Liberal and Green Party voters should therefore keep our mouths shut because the Tories won the election so why should be keep silent just because the Brexiteer's got there way in the referendum.
If 48% see a car crash happening in slow motion then we should speak up to alert the 52% who are either too ignorant or too blind to see it so that's what we are doing, screaming loud and clear to Theresa May and her Government that she is driving our nation straight into a massive pile up and for the good of the country JUST STOP NOW!!

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