Tuesday, 23 October 2018

More Nukes Needed For America

It is is generally acknowledged that if you are a man and have a little penis then you buy a big car or in America, a big gun and as we know the current Presidents genitals are teeny tiny so it is no surprise that he is keen on owning the biggest weapon of all, nuclear weapons.
That he once asked during a foreign policy briefing why if the United States had nuclear weapons why couldn't they use them is worrying enough but he already has 6,800 nukes which is enough weapons to destroy the world 10 times over at his disposal and is trying to justify a new nuclear build-up by pointing to China.
So if 6,800 missiles isn't enough for Trump and Putin's Russia has said they would match new US weapons, warhead for warhead, why is he firing a starting gun in a second global arms race?
Last year he threatened to 'completely destroy' North Korea because it had the temerity to build atomic bombs and Trump double standards also extends to Iran upon who he imposed extreme US sanctions despite its adherence to the multilateral nuclear deal that Trump idiotically junked earlier this year.
Usually this would be dismissed as an exercise in willy waving but as Stormy Daniels has told us, he can't as nobody would be able to see it so instead he has plumped for further ruining the US economy for more weaponry they don't need as that seems to be a vote winner for Trump and his useful idiot supporters.


Anonymous said...

First time I've read your blog in a few months. This post reminded me of your odd opinions and childish presentation of them.

Falling on a bruise said...

Small penis syndrome is a psychological condition and I have merely presented a serious matter in a light hearted, easy to understand way.