Monday, 22 October 2018

Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry

Of the millions of songs which have been recorded, only 30 songs can make it into The Lucy Museum of Musicians who deserve entry to Lucy's Museum of Musicians and at number 9 we have Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry (1958).

Despite being lifted by a 1946 song by Louis Jordan suspiciously sexist 'Ain't That Just Like a Woman', the guitar intro to 'Johnny B Goode' is as good as an intro gets and the song was quite rightly chosen to represent Humans on the Voyager Space Mission so if any alien life finds it they will think those funny looking humans on that blue planet can't be all bad and not obliterate us. 
By all accounts he was a massive sleaze in life but if we put that to one side and concentrate on his music, he was one of the greats even if all his songs had a similar sound to them.
Berry's influence on rock music is undeniable, and Johnny B Goode is his signature tune and the character turned up in other Berry songs although none had the impact of Johnny B Goode which was voted the top Guitar Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine and is now number 9 in Lucy's Museum of Musicians who deserve entry to Lucy's Museum of Musicians.

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