Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Naming The UK Businessman With The Injunction

All we know so far is that a British businessman has paid £500,000 for a Super injunction and a team of seven lawyers to  stop the Daily Telegraph from naming him in connection to paying five alleged victims substantial sums for sexual and racial abuse.
The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday a senior executive in a company group had an injunction against the newspaper which means they are unable to print the businessman's identity or to identify the companies, as well as what he is accused of doing or how much he paid his alleged victims.
The Daily Telegraph said that 'like Harvey Weinstein, the British businessman used controversial non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), to silence and pay off his alleged victims' but there is a fly in the ointment in the shape of MP Jess Phillips who has said NDAs should not be used 'where there are accusations of sexual misconduct and wider bullying' and has threatened to use Parliamentary Privilege to name the man accussed.
The Labour MP said that she was 'done with rich men using our laws to hide victims away' and after calling for claimants in the case to contact her, she said she did not yet know the man’s identity and so could not yet reveal it in Parliament.
Parliamentary privilege was used previously to reveal the existence of super-injunctions granted to former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Fred Goodwin and name Ryan Giggs as the footballer who gagged press reports on his extra-marital affair so it looks as though the £500,000 the business spent to keep his name out the papers was well and truly wasted because in days we will all know and his roof will well and truly collapse in on him after all.

update: Philip Green outed by Parliament

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