Friday, 5 October 2018

No Peace Prize For Trump & Kim

Nobody really believed that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un was going to win the Nobel Peace Prize did they?
That Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad won the prize and the £777,000 reward for their work against sexual violence is even more ironic considering that Donald Trump is a self-confessed sex pest who recently mocked a sexual assault victim.  
The not self made billionaire who received about $413m (£317m) of daddies money from dubious tax dodges, took his lack of Peace Prize in his usual calm and casual manner by stating that he could beat up Vladimir Putin.
He told his fellow fruitcakes and deplorables that the media wanted Trump 'to get into a boxing match with him' and that if he did, 'I think I’d do very well'.
That's the 77 year old, third fattest President ever against 62 year old 8th Dan Karate black belt owner Putin so unless Trump's meaning of 'doing very well' includes getting knocked flat on his back immediately, i think doing very well may be a stretch.
Anyway, the sexual predator gets zilch except unflattering pictures of him walking up the steps to Airforce One with loo roll stuck to his shoe.
Nobody can say it's ever boring with Trump around.

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