Saturday, 13 October 2018

Western Morals & Saudi Arabia

Bit of an awkward moment for the US and UK over the apparent killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi Arabian Consulate in Turkey.
Britain has demanded answers from the Saudi Arabians while Donald Trump has vowed 'severe punishment' if Saudi authorities were found to have played a role in killing Khashgoggi although both have ruled out imposing sanctions, halting arms sales and both nations will be still be turning up at a conference to be held at Riyadh, dubbed 'Davos in the desert'.
Neither have implied what punishment the Saudi's will face especially as they didn't seem overly concerned by the tens of thousands killed in Yemen by the weapons both nations had sold to Saudi Arabia so the death of one journalist isn't going to overly perturb them.
America's multi-billion arm deals and Britain's desperation for post Brexit deals will always mean blind eye's will be turned towards Saudi Arabia so severe punishment and demanding answers will mean nothing changes and everything will carry on as before which should be a lesson all the other tyrants currently stinking up the World should be quick to learn, the West's morals take a backseat if you spend enough money with us.

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