Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Theresa May Waiting For The Removal Van

If i had a pound for every time Theresa May has been on the verge of being thrown out of power then i could retire and live out my days on a deserted island where i wouldn't have to hear about Theresa May being thrown out of power every day but alas i haven't so instead it's back to waiting to see if the removal van turns up outside Number 10 today.
Mrs May is due to face a grilling from the 1922 Committee tonight who are the decision makers in who runs the Conservatives and if things go bad for her and they don't consider her up to the job any longer then the starting pistol will be fired on the contest for who will be the next Conservative leader and by default, our Prime Minister.  
The signs are not looking good as already there have been some distasteful social media postings from her won side telling her to 'bring a noose', that 'she will be dead soon' and how she is entering 'a killing zone' and 'assassination is in the air'.
Most importantly, unhappy Tory MP's are predicting that they are very close to the 48 required letters to spark the no confidence vote and if Mrs May doesn't convince them she is the woman for the job, the few remaining required letters will be posted.
It's exactly the way it all ended for Margaret Thatcher but whether we have the same scene of a tearful Prime Minister gazing out of the back window of a taxi as it pulls away we will find out shortly.

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