Thursday, 11 October 2018

Michael Pays A Visit To Florida & Georgia

I didn't catch the names of the CNN reporters stood outside while Hurricane Michael lashed Florida but they should find a little extra in their pay packet this month because they did a sterling job.
It's ironic that Florida and then Georgia got the full wrath of Mother Nature and both states have climate change deniers running things and a 155mph wind tearing through their neighbourhood won't change their minds especially in the case of Florida's Rick Scott who wouldn't want any negative impact on the financial returns from the energy companies he invests in.
Georgia's senators, David Perdue and Johnny Isakson, both congratulated President Trump when he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and are currently watching the roofs fly off and trees snap in their back yard thanks to a storm which fed off of the warm ocean waters made warmer because of climate change.
I hope everybody stays safe but you know where the problem lays and it's at the door of the idiots in positions to change course who continue to deny that storms are getting worse, droughts are getting deeper, flooding more severe and droughts more deadly because of what us humans continue to do to the planet.

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