Sunday, 7 October 2018

CNN Seems Fine To Me

Since Fox News, along with RT, was removed from the air in the UK for breaching Ofcom’s rules regarding bias and generally being unfair and not balanced, my options for American news coverage is CNN and CNBC and i found myself seeing quite a bit of CNN Live when Hurricane Florence blew through over there the other month.
CNBC seems much more interested in the Economic World and i'm not so CNN was my port of call for all things American.
Now i know CNN get's a regular bashing from Donald Trump but as it is still on our screens after Ofcom's cull of those news outlets that it deems bias so that's in its favour and the items i have seen they appear  a very professional outfit without the hyperbole of Fox and it's presenters who were unashamedly and embarrassingly bias.
The Broadcast Media here, in order to be balanced, must have opposing views on it's items so for example if you have someone pro-Brexit, you must also have a guest who is anti-Brexit which is the reason why Nigel Farage and his awful UKIP come to prominence.
That doesn't seem to be a thing with American News Outlets and admittedly i only saw a narrow band of what CNN do and that was mostly a man stood outside getting battered by 100 mph winds, but unless the rest of their items are wild accusations against the deplorable right-wing which seems to be gripping America at the moment, i see no problem with CNN and obviously neither does Ofcom so i conclude that they present the News as it is and as Trump is such a laughing stock around the World, he just doesn't like that they are not kowtowing to him.
If i lived in America, CNN would be one of my choices of news outlet for finding out exactly what the President was doing in my name.

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