Thursday, 5 September 2019

Men V Women

Men may not be from Mars and Women aren't from Venus but there are many differences between men and women and not all of them are obvious.
Science has shown that the man's brain is very differently wired from us women's with the male brain’s connections run between the front and the back of the same side of the brain, whereas in women, the connections run from side to side between the left and right hemispheres although that doesn't necessarily mean much except well done to the scientist who managed to find the man's brain to see which way it was wired.
The male brain is larger and contains more gray matter whereas the female brain contains more information carrying white matter and with women having a larger frontal lobe, the part responsible for problem solving, that means that women process thoughts more rapidly and have better control of their emotions.
Men have a larger parietal cortex and amygdala meaning they are better at reading maps, spatially related tasks, and mathematics but with 50% more olfactory cells in their brains, women have a better sense of smell.
Women tend to react to stressful events with emotions while men tend to react with logic and reasoning which could explain why females are three times more likely to attempt suicide.
Perpetrators of a crime are usually males and females have lower arrest rates than males for virtually all crimes except prostitution.
With a slower metabolism, women can withstand higher temperatures than men and male lung capacity is 30% larger and men are 50% stronger than females and with the average human male 5'10", while the average female is 5'4", men are taller.
Women are more likely to suffer from liver problems than males but men suffer more gall bladder issues and finally, women are better at remembering anniversary dates and birthdays.
All goes to prove what we women knew all along, men may have bigger brains but they still can't read instructions or accurately calculate the short distance between their midriff and a toilet bowl.

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