Monday, 9 September 2019

Emboldened Racists

When i was growing up in the 70's racism was rife but as we progressed through the 80s and 90s it became rightly a thing to be abhorred but things seem to have taken a turn back towards the bad old days recently.
The British racists were emboldened by the Brexit vote which despite denials, was mostly about Europeans coming here and taking our jobs, receiving free NHS treatment, receiving social security handouts and a plethora of other daft, non-existent reasons.
Seeming to take the 52% vote win as a starting pistol to revive all the old prejudices, the racists feel they have enough support to break cover and bring forward their previously hidden vile racism.
Many right wing blogs (remember not all racists are right wing but all the racists are on the right wing) argue that multiculturalism is a failure as Blacks or Muslims or Asians come over here but don't integrate fully into our society.
Why anyone would want to integrate with people calling them names or telling them to go back home is not a consideration because we have to share the responsibility to make immigrants feel welcomed and accepted.
A Home Office Government report discovered that white youths are more likely to believe they are superior to those from other races, and their attitudes are more of a barrier to integration than those of Blacks, Muslims and Asians.
The findings should turn on its head the debate about integration but racists don't want to debate it, they have a misguided vision in their heads of an idyllic Britain of yesteryear before the floodgates opened and let in people who were not as white as them.
Multiculturalism works, just seems that the fault isn't actually with the immigrants but the numbskull's screaming abuse at people with darker skin than them and then blaming them for refusing to integrate with the same people making their life a misery.

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