Saturday, 14 September 2019

Vaping And Flavoured Nicotine Liquid

I began vaping in 2012 and i have long advocated them to smokers already addicted to nicotine but i have mentioned here many times how uneasy i am about how attractive they are to non-smokers and the under-aged.
Donald Trump, a massive idiot 99.99% of the time, may not know it but banning all flavoured nicotine liquid could turn out to be the best idea he has come up with yet, even if he has done it for all the wrong reasons.
The use of e-cigarettes has become more and more popular and there are two valid arguments that i find hard to argue against.
The first is that the e-cigarette companies are aiming their wares at the under 18 market with flavours such as ice cream, bubble gum and candy floss.
The second is that the 'safe' aspect of vaping will tempt people to try smoking who would not have necessarily have and i have already met people who have tried vaping, liked it and then tried a cigarette.
The quandary is that the UK's medicines regulatory body, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, have said that e-cigarettes could help save 57,000 British lives over the next decade and they are undoubtedly a great way to give up the much more dangerous tobacco cigarettes but the reverse is also true that e-cigarettes, and the enticing flavours, attract non-smokers, and worryingly youngsters, to try vaping and thereby introducing them to the same dangerous addiction.
The best course of action is to not smoke at all and e-cigarettes are great for smokers who are addicted to nicotine already but there should be concern that by making vaping attractive with more and more enchanting flavours available, it undoes the main point of e-cigarettes which is to avoid addiction.
A YouGov study put the number of e-cigarette users in the UK at 3 million and most, like me, use flavoured nicotine (Juicy Peach, Spearmint, Cola and Coconut are my choice) but we have to find a midway between keeping any of those 3 million returning to cigarettes by removing the flavours that enticed them to vaping while not making it attractive to youngsters, mainly by not selling flavours that sound like they come from a sweet shop.

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