Thursday, 12 September 2019

Brexit Ugly Truth Exposed

Driving to work this morning, one of the overhead digital notice boards was displaying a note that warned motorists that there could be disruption caused by Brexit from November 1.
If the Yellowhammer document which the Government dropped just as they were suspending Parliament for 5 weeks then disruption to out motorways is just one thing that we can look forward to if the foolishness which is Brexit goes ahead on 31 October.
Yellowhammer is the Governments on review on what to expect following Brexit and points to queues for as long as two and a half days at ports, a decrease in fresh food available resulting in a reduction of availability and choice and the food that is available increasing in price.
Supply chains for medicines and medical products are vulnerable to disruption and face severe extended delays which could be as long as six months while there will be significant price rises for energy and petrol which will quickly run out at the pumps. 
The Irish border problem will severely disrupt trade trade between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic with job losses protests and direct action with road blockages but protests are not just limited to Ireland, they also predict protests and counter-protests across the UK and a rise in public disorder.
The Government have insisted that the Yellowhammer document is a a worst-case scenario but you can understand why they fought so hard to dismiss it and tried to hide it until forced to release it.
Since parliament has all but ruled out no deal, Yellowhammers predictions are not as frightening as they might be, but it remains disturbing that the Prime Minister is actively continuing with a course of action which will result in riots and food and medical shortages in the very near future.

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