Monday, 2 September 2019

Nobody Can Say Brexit Has Been Boring

There has been so many crucial days in the last three years of Brexit that it could become tiresome but tomorrow really is a crucial day as the MP's return to Parliament and set about stopping Boris Johnson and his demented Brexit policy of leaving without a deal with the EU on October 31st.
After saying that any rebels Conservative MP's who refuse to toe his line would be deselected and kicked out of the Conservative Party, he today said that he would ignore any rulings made by the Commons that stopped the UK leaving on that date and made an announcement that he doesn't want an election although he seems to be doing everything he can to bring on about.
With the date 14th October for a snap election being whispered by MP's i do wonder what is in it for Jeremy Corbyn who has been calling for an election for the past year but it’s more than likely he would lose and if he were to win he’d inherit an unholy mess left behind by the Tories.
This hard right wing Government that has occupied number 10 needs to be stamped on tomorrow and stamped on hard and with a majority of one it shouldn't be too hard with as many as between 20 and 40 Conservative MP's said to be willing to put their political careers on the line to face down Boris Johnson but then there are pro Brexit supporters in the Labour ranks who will not vote with the anti-Brexit lobby so things could be finely balanced.
Of course the bill could fall flat and Johnson will then have a free hand to wreak as much havoc as he wants but by tomorrow evening we will know just how the farce that is Brexit and the most right wing Government in memory will play out.
Nothing is not exciting times in British politics.

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