Sunday, 8 September 2019

Why America Should Vote For Sanders

According to Oddschecker, the US Presidential Election 2020 Winner is going to be either Republican Donald Trump again or Democrat Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris.
Personally i am easy either way, Trump has been brain shakingly awful but he hasn't started any wars unlike every other President in living memory and i don't know anything about the four Democrats but i am rooting for Bernie on the sole reason that he has promised to release any UFO evidence if he becomes President.
Hillary Clinton said much the same thing in 2016 but then inexplicably lost to someone who admitted not paying any tax, had committed sex crimes and was a renown racist which doesn't reflect well on her but most importantly, the UFO files were left unmolested, unlike the interns in her husbands office. 
If America wakes up to a President Sanders on November 4th 2020 then we may finally find out what actually happened at Roswell and if any of those redneck Americans who have claim to have been taken into interstellar spaceships and probed have actually been lying to us all this time.


Liber - Latin for "The Free One" said...

your humor is awesome. you should do stand up.

Falling on a bruise said... dogs got no nose... how does he smell? etc etc