Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Come See The Nice Uniform

There are some vacancies that must be notoriously hard to recruit for.
I cannot see an orderly queue forming for a career as a suppository tester for example and the applications for a bacon salesman in Tel Aviv must be pretty thin on the ground.
Another job that they seem to be having problems with is recruiting for the UK Armed Forces, hence the Government upping it's advertising budget by 25%.
'Recruitment is down and we are desperately failing to replace the numbers that leave' stated the Army Recruitment Officer on the BBC news this afternoon not specifying exactly what he meant by 'leaving' because obviously not all of the military personnel get the chance to hand in their notice and go off to be a nice, safe Insurance Salesman.
So what could possibly be the problem encouraging young people to join the Armed Forces?
Personally, i believe that anyone who actually wants a career in the Army is the last person we should be handing a loaded weapon which is probably why i failed the interview at MOD recruitment, but what can the Army, Navy and RAF do to boost their numbers?
I would play down the obvious and not mention the fact that we send the Forces off to the Middle East whenever whichever of the Chuckle Brother in charge wants to and i wouldn't focus on the very real possibility of getting killed while being sent on missions to replace leaders of other countries on dreamt up charges.
The angle i would concentrate on is that you get a really smart free uniform. Yep, that's what i would go with.

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