Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Court Brands Boris Johnson A Liar

It was always pretty obvious that the real reason that Boris Johnson suspended Parliament was to stop Parliament from scrutinising his awful Brexit plans and the Supreme Court has agreed and ruled that it was unlawful and they didn't agree that  he had done it in order to prepare for a Queen's Speech, branding him a liar in legalese.
It's not a good couple of days for the Prime Minister who as well as being branded a liar, is also facing an awkward enquiry into payments made to his personal friend while he was London Mayor.
Already the calls for his resignation have started with the SNP and Labour saying Mr Johnson could be ousted via a no-confidence vote, if he refuses to go of his own will and even some on his own side saying he can't carry on in his role.   
Where this all leaves the Conservative Party and more importantly Brexit now is anybodies guess but another brilliantly bizarre day in British politics and with Parliament reconvening tomorrow, Boris can expect a very bumpy ride, if he has not quit by then of course.

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