Thursday, 5 September 2019

Boris Johnson Could Go Down In History

Hate to say i told you so but when Theresa May was wobbling and about to fall i warned people to be careful what they wished for as Boris Johnson was primed to take over and that is exactly what we got and boy has he made a pigs ear of things in the short time that he has had the keys to number 10.
He has not only lost the first three votes of his Premiership, the first time that has ever happened, and been refused a early election but he today lost his own brother who quit the Conservative Party over his brothers Brexit stance. 
With his Brexit plans in limbo and no way out after his parliamentary majority was destroyed by his own party's rebellion over his stance and with a law about to be passed forbidding him from taking Britain of out the EU without a deal, he has said that he would 'rather be dead in a ditch' than delay Brexit beyond the 31st of next month and hinted that he would rather quit than go to Europe to ask for an extension.
All very dramatic but as the pressure on him continues to build, him throwing his hands up and walking away is a strong possibility which and he he does that before 20 November then he will go into the history books as the shortest time as Prime Minister. 
The current holder is George Canning, another Conservative leader, who served for 119 days in 1827 before dying in service and as of today Boris has served just 44 days so if he quits, is removed or climbs into a ditch for one final time inside the next 75 days, he will enter the history books.    
A General Election is another distinct possibility but Boris's long history of lies, racism and awful decision making could prove to be a liability for his party who are fatally split and losing members almost daily.
It may be too soon for the left to start celebrating the sounding of the death knell for Conservatism, but seeing how Boris is lurching from one disaster to another, they may want to put the Champagne in the fridge ready.

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