Saturday, 7 September 2013

Australia Under New Management

Google Trend strikes again as Tony Abbott announces Australia is under new management just as Google Trends predicted.
The defeated Mr Rudd said 'Tonight is the time to unite as the great Australian nation because whatever our politics may be, we are all first and foremost Australian' which might have come as a surprise to Tony Abbott who is British, just like the previous Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who was Welsh. 
Deeply religious, Abbott holds some of the more backward looking views of the Church on issues such as abortion and gay marriage and once said the whole climate change thing is 'absolute crap' and was called 'one of the most extreme right-wing conservative leaders or politicians that the Liberal Party has thrown up'.
So if Australia thinks a right-wing Government is going to fix all its ill's, it is in for a short, sharp and potentially very expensive shock.


Anonymous said...

Is abortion backward? I thought you were at best undecided on abortion...


lucy said...

im decided, just havent given an opinion on