Friday, 13 September 2013

John 'Munster' Kerry

We have seen a lot of John Kerry on our television screens lately, always a pleasure, and although i can't put my finger on it, he somehow looks different.
I mentioned it to a colleague and she floated the idea of botox but his face doesn't look particularly more taut than before so i don't think it's that.
He still has the impressively massive chin so he hasn't had a surgeon chisel anything off his jaw and his hair is exactly the same style, that can sometimes change a persons appearance and he hasn't been off the scene that long
that he has naturally aged enough to alter his appearance since the last time we saw him. One wag suggested its the result of him falling flat on his face every time Putin pulls the rug out from under him but i think he has put on a few pounds.
He is married to one of the Heinz family and there cannot be a lack of free baked beans knocking around his place so that's it, he has piled on the pounds due to eating all those baked beans.
Alternatively, the pained facial expression could be a much more whiffier reason due to eating all those baked beans.
Whatever it is, he does remind me of Herman Munster now.


Anonymous said...

He has made so many dumb political decisions why pick on something he can't control?

I know you are joking even though he does look like Herman, but isn't picking on someone for something they can't control considered inappropriate by the left?


Lucy said...

Because everyone and his dog has already poured scorn on him for his dumb political decisions and now it's looking for other angles to poke fun and make him into a joke figure. It's what the left does. While the right seems to do the opposite and build up the dangers, we take the piss. I'm quite gutted there are no words to the Munsters theme tune, could have a bit of fun with that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should make some lyrics...