Friday, 13 September 2013

End Of The World As We Know It

Finally, someone is looking into the threat of computers becoming self-aware and enslaving us all a they take over the World. What took them so long?
Experts from Cambridge University say they now plan to work with colleagues at Oxford to come up with a complete list of doomsday risks, and to enhance our chances of survival against the more credible ones.
The boffins think the demise of the human race will come from either asteroid impact, extreme weather, war, nuclear apocalypse, pandemic, cyberattacks, computers, a man-made supervirus or a food supply sabotage.
"In future decades, events with low probability but catastrophic consequences may loom high on the political agenda," Lord Rees told the British Science Festival and said the threat from out-of-control climate change and cyber or bio-terrorism was by far the most dangerous.
My money would be on cyberattacks bringing down the global infrastructure or war if the robots don't get us first but we are all doomed however it comes.
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