Saturday, 28 September 2013

Over To The Politicians To Act On Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have spoken and the 900 environmental and climate scientists involved in writing the paper agree with 95% certainty that human activity is responsible for global warming.
The projections are that by the end of the century the planet will be between 1.5C and 4.5C warmer which means the atmosphere stores more energy and moisture resulting in more weather extremes such as devastating heatwaves, droughts, floods and hurricanes.
Sea levels would also rise by almost a metre as glaciers melt and ice caps retreat threatening low lying countries and eroding coastlines.
It even answered the sceptics point that global surface temperatures haven't risen since 1998 but explaining that this is only a temporary pause as Ocean currents have absorbed some of the extra heat but this will reverse at some point.
So it is a united message from scientists, the people who have studied and know about these things and now it's now over to the politicians to provide global action for a global problem.
Some governments have been notoriously slow to act, unwilling to move on the climate changing as it's a message voters and backers with deep pockets and a stake in things carrying on as before do not want to hear.
Hopefully the penny will begin to drop that continuing to delay any action today will only mean greater cost later so they HAVE to lift their heads out of the sand and do something because it may be too late to stop the climate changing to alarming lengths, that ship has sailed, but we can prevent it be worse than it could otherwise be.

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