Saturday, 21 September 2013

Is The Pope Catholic?

Catholic people are normally dependable in that their views are set out for them and they just follow them slavishly so a priest tells them they hate gays, abortion is wrong, women should not become Priests and unless you devote yourself to God, you have a snowball in hells chance of getting through the Pearly gates.
Then, along comes a new Pope and he sends their head spinning by not hating gays, saying the Church needs more women involved, divorce is okay, abortion is a decision for the mother not the Church and Atheists can get into Heaven as God would forgive their unbelief.
Once upon a time you knew where Catholics stood on their beliefs, circa 1450, but along comes the new Pope and changes everything. I know bears still go in the woods but is the pope actually Catholic?
The cynic inside me loudly shouts that as more people are well educated today, a Pope has finally cottoned on that religion is increasingly obsolete and irrelevant today.
A Pope may finally have realised that the religious money spinner is going the way of the dodo and they can ill afford to such a large swathe of society such as women, gays and Atheists so they have done what religion has always done and shifted the goalposts so what was once the unmovable pillars of the Church are now acceptable.


Anonymous said...

you are funny.

increasingly obsolete and irrelevant... really? there are more muslims, more jews, more christians, more hindus than ever in history...

caution projecting your local experience onto the world that is supposed to be my schtick...


Lucy said...

I think i'm on quite safe ground, the Global Atheism index reports Worldwide atheism is up 9% on 2005 and that atheists are now 13% of the world population.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you got a mandate with 13%