Saturday, 21 September 2013

The End Of Blackberry

The people in the know all said that the new Blackberry phone, the Z10 model, was the last ditch final attempt by Blackberry to save itself. With news today that it is to shed 40% of its workforce, 4500 jobs, it would be fair to say that it hasn't.
With anticipated a losses of as much as £621m, the gig looks up for Blackberry and as a Blackberry Curve owner who has had no end of problems with it over the last two years, i cant say i'm surprised.
Fact is the Blackberry is quite a decent phone when it works, but it did stop working a lot and it doesn't have the apps of other phones and as my 24 month deal is up in January, i have been looking around at what to replace it with.
Obviously Android but as i have been tentatively looking around the phone shops, i have noticed that phones are so big now.
Size-wise, the Blackberry was perfect but it seems there is hardly a smart phone the same size anymore, they are all at least twice as big which i don't particularly like, i am old enough to remember mobile phones when they first arrived and the size of them was something we laugh about now yet we seem to have gone back to those days. 
I expect it is to accommodate video playback and for that a larger screen is preferable but the phones i have been shown by eager salespeople, the Samsung S4 especially, seems way too big and way too light and flimsy.
I have until January to decide but finding a phone Blackberry size, with a qwerty keyboard that isn't touchscreen, Android operating system that has all the capabilities of the latest smart phone isn't going to be easy.
While i feel sorry for all the people who have lost their jobs, Blackberry do seem to have come crashing down to earth from great height from dominating the smart phone market a few short years ago.

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