Thursday, 19 September 2013


You do have to feel a bit sorry for John McCain. When the New York Times published an opinion piece on Syria by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, McCain said in a TV interview that he'd 'like to have the chance to have a commentary in Pravda!'
Nobody bothered to tell the Senator that actually, the newspaper doesn't exist any more as Pravda was shut down in 1991 by Boris Yeltsin so when the editors of Pravda said they would be happy to consider an op-ed submission by him, McCain began scribbling.     
When asked which Pravda he was writing for McCain replied: 'I hope it's Pravda the Communist publication' but turned out to a website which had named itself after the defunct Communist newspaper and not affiliated to the Communist Party at all.
The pro-war Americans really are having a torrid time over Syria but they are confident they will get the warthey want as John McCain explains in his hard hitting opinion piece in this terms St Johns Primary School's newsletter.

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