Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer Time Is Through

I once heard that one of the checks to see if you are dead is feel the victims feet because your feet are the furthest extremity from your heart and go cold first so it can be said that nobody ever died with warm feet.
Except Joan of Arc obviously, her feet were toasty and there have been times when i almost knew how the French girl felt because this summer has been a hot one but now Autumn is lined up to slam the door in summers face as rain and wind sweep in for the next few months.
I'm not much of a summer person, far too many bitey and stingy things around for my liking and that's not to mention the sunburn and trying to get to sleep at night so i'm actually quite glad to see the back of it but many people lament the disappearance of long summer nights.
One of the best end-of-summer songs has to be 'All Summer Long' by the Beach Boys where they invoke memories of cut-offs, pairs of thongs and miniature golf and although i did the miniature golf this year (Crazy Golf actually), the cut off and pairs of thongs didn't make it out the wardrobe this year.
To some, summer 2013 was a great one with more sunshine than we normally get and i dare say they are not looking forward to the dark evenings, rain and having to dig out the gloves and scarves again but i am.
It's time to cover over the miniature golf course, put the cut-offs back in the wardrobe and get yourself a proper pair of knickers because as the Beach Boys lamented, won't be long til summer time is through.

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