Monday, 30 September 2013

Obama Meeting Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is feeling a bit uncomfortable today as he watches his best friend and best enemy flirting with each other.
If politicians were to tell the truth then someone would say to Netanyahu that his is a complete arse and his country a nasty little place that has been murderously oppressing its smaller and weaker neighbour for over 60 years but instead what we get will the Israeli trying to tell America that Iran is hoodwinking them.
The Prime Minister will meet the US President during the week as he arrives in America for a speech at the United Nations, hopefully another drawing by a four year old tucked under his arm like lasts years bizarre 'bomb' effort.
Netanyahu, as always, is keen to attack another one of his neighbours and wants America to help him but the new Iranian leader, Hassan Rouhani, has been on a charm offensive and a thawing of relations between the US and Iran.
Tehran maintains that it is not developing a nuclear weapon and insists there is no weapons programme but Netanyahu will try to persuade Obama otherwise but he will have to be tactful, Israel has rapidly run out of friends internationally and it is no secret that Obama doesn't much care for the Israeli leader and if America decides that Israel is more trouble than its worth, Netyanhu and his country will be hanging out to dry and there is a lot of wind out there. 
I'm sure Obama could find a kindergarten pupil in New York to draw Netanyhau a picture of it.

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