Saturday, 14 September 2013

Matthew 19:23

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism, saying to his disciples: 'Truly, I say to you, only with difficulty will a rich person enter the kingdom of heaven' and then went off on a tangent about to desert animals and needles but the underlying theme is that if you are a Capitalist, God and Jesus hates you so with this in mind, one of the leading anti-capitalists to emerge in Europe is a nun.
Sister Teresa Forcades has become the unofficial head of the anti-capitalist movement with her calls to reverse public spending cuts and nationalisation of banks and energy companies.
As tens of thousands have joined her campaign to rid the World of Capitalism, she has developed a 10 point plan which includes:
• A government takeover of all banks and measures to curb financial speculation
• An end to job cuts, fairer wages and pensions, shorter working hours
• Genuine "participatory democracy" and steps to curb political corruption
• Decent housing for all
• A reversal of public spending cuts, and renationalisation of all public services

To further establish her lefty credentials, she is calling for women priests, that gay people should be allowed to serve openly in the church, a woman's right to decide over abortion, Green economic policies and the abandonment of NATO and the abolition of armed forces.
She has set up a Youtube channel where she very politely rages against capitalism
The anti-capitalist movement needs someone to rally behind and very surprised it's a nun considering the majority of lefties are atheists which causes some confusion but now she is gaining a degree of popularity, i'm sure she will be silenced fairly quickly by the Catholic Church, the VERY rich Catholic Church.
The left have polite, eloquent Nuns why the right have the tax dodging Nigel Farage and i know which i would prefer, Sister Forcades for Pope as Jesus would say!!

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Anonymous said...

She doesnt seem very aligned with her religion. The bible is pretty clear about its take on homosexuality - love the sinner, hate the sin. Also, I consider that camel verse to be a parable, but it doesn't preclude making a profit. Regardless of how much you make you are supposed to be generous by choice (of course the democrats took away the choice and impose taxes and enforce payment with police).

The most important part is the part you typically reject which is that we have a soul and life on earth is temporary so being generous for believers has the affect of everlasting joy. She at least seems to believe in souls..

But I'm not sure Jesus would pick either if the people you identified.