Friday, 6 September 2013

Go Away Blair

More than few eyebrows were raised when Tony Blair was made peace envoy to the Middle East but the devout, people loving Christian is once again in their urging for more death and destruction by saying he is disappointed that the UK will not be taking part in any military action against Syria.
Even with the sound of suicide bombings still ringing out from the last middle-eastern country he took military action in, Blair said that chemical weapon use had been proved which echo's his assessment of the Saddam Hussein regime who was supposedly tripping over chemical, biological and nuclear weapons there was so many in Iraq.
Quite rightly, Blair has been far removed from having control over anything more important than his bladder and this shows that he hasn't learnt anything from Iraq. He now wants to attack another middle eastern country that is no threat to the UK and with no credible evidence.
Go away Blair, you are mad and your time in power is over thank heavens.

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