Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Case For The Mythbusters

With the mess cars have made of the environment, if only someone could invent a way to get more mileage from our petrol tanks, an invention like some sort of engine that vapourised the petrol to an extremely small size so it lasted longer and we could travel further on smaller amounts.
Of course the oil companies would not like it, they like us paying lots for the fuel we get which is why the Tom Ogle is interesting.
It was 1977 and while men were being photographed embarrassingly at weddings with moustaches, flares and ruffled shirts, Tom Ogle was inventing a system that could be fixed to any existing car engine, and enable the car to travel 100 miles on one gallon of petrol.
He claimed that the emissions were so clean that the exhaust pipe could be used as a hair dryer and in 1978 he was approached in by Shell who offered him $20 million for the patent and the blueprints to his invention. 
He refused, stating that Shell would simply shelve the idea and it would never see the light of day and patented the system himself.
Within 3 years Toms working partner on the system had died in a freak accident when a car fell off the jack and killed him and Tom himself had been shot at and then found dead of an apparent drugs and drink overdose.
Three months after his death, his original schematics and blueprints went missing from the Patent Office in Washington, DC. 
A case for the Mythbusters i reckon to see if the system works although i would hate to see Adam Savage or the Hyneman end up sleeping with the fishes courtesy of a Shell assassin but with that moustache, Jamie already has the 70's look down.

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